Friday, July 1, 2011

This daily update thing is killing me....

So, I haven't been posting... I get it, OKAY!!!

Regardless I am going to post something today to satisfy my followers for the Fourth of July Weekend - all seven eight of them, 5 of which will be attending my graduation party on Saturday, but whatever.

I am just going to tell you right now that I am very envious of my father's fairly recent (big) return on investment from one of his stocks and I honestly can't wait until I have a financial adviser because then I will know I have made it. But until then, I have found this: (the real reason I haven't been posting, in conjunction with BuzzFeed)

This site is AMAZING - you upload all of your financial information by linking your various accounts (checking, savings, credit cards, investments) and the site automatically generates budgets, 

 analyzes your spending and presents it in easy-to-understand charts and graphs,

 and provides suggestions as to how best to reach your goals.

This is really a great tool for all the non-B'schoolers (there are two links there for your enjoyment) out there who want to track their spending, saving, loans, and investments.

Another website I have found along similar lines is This site is geared toward the financial empowerment of women (a noble pursuit) and has a lot of the same features as but I mainly use it for the useful articles it posts.

Anybody else know of any useful online financial tools? Post in the comments below!

Have a great weekend, everybody! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, UH-MEHR-I-KUH!!!